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Turning a Page Antiques

Our partnership started in the Spring of 2012 at a local antique store where we each had a booth.
Both our styles were a mix of antiques, vintage, farm house, rustic and industrial…

guess you could say eclectic! Seeing that we had similar tastes and our merchandise complimented
each other, we decided to combine our efforts.

July 1, 2013 we became Turning A Page Antiques and we have never looked back. We simply love
what we do and this partnership has turned into a forever friendship.

Let us tell you the chapter of what we accomplished before arriving at The Barn. It had always been
our dream to own our own shop and the opportunity to do just that came in the spring of 2014.
It was an amazing 4 year experience, one that we will always cherish. In addition to the shop we also
participated in flea markets around the state, the Flower and Garden Show in Hartford and opened a
second location in Palmer, MA. The knowledge we have learned, the wonderful people we have met
and the memories we have made are simply priceless.

One day we took a road trip, which we both love to do, to the Marlborough Barn and knew we wanted
to be involved with this delightful place. We opened a couple of small booths in the fall of 2016. At
this moment in time we now had three locations, still doing flea markets while working full time and
raising our families. We both knew that it was time for a change and to experience something new
and excitingly different. In June of 2018 we said goodbye to flea markets, our place in Palmer and
our shop in Simsbury and focused all our attention to our lovely spot in the “White House” at the Barn.

We both have a passion for decorating, we find beauty in imperfections and we have a love for the
hunting and gathering of that perfect piece, the ones that make a house a home. Our inventory is
always changing so you must keep coming back to find that perfect imperfection.

We found a home in the barn and are blessed to be a part of such a fantastic place filled with such
special and talented people.

We are always enjoying adding chapters to our story, thanks for sharing in the adventure.